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In a nutshell, Tanya Kay is an old soul in a modern world, taking pieces of classic and new musical influences, like The Beatles, Queen, Johnny Cash, Company of Thieves, Willie Dixon, Gregory Alan Isakov, Andrew Bird, M. Ward, and many many more, to create music that can identify, provoke thought, and, hopefully, leave an influential footprint. She was born in Ukraine and raised by our fair city, Chicago. She is a strong believer in the power of lyrics and fusing heart and soul into a musically conveyed message. In her eyes, "Success is not in numbers or dollar signs; if I can make an audience feel the genuity of any emotion: sadness, happiness, greed, loyalty, fear, love, grief, joy, etc. then, and only then, will I feel satisfied with my work. Overall, George Eliot and I agree that "i think i should have no Other mortal wants if i could Always have plenty of Music. it seems to infuse Strength into my limbs and Ideas into my brain. life seems to go on Without effort when i am Filled with Music.'"




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