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Sugarman's Noah Sugarman has been touring & recording for the past 10 years with various bands including 500 Miles To Memphis, as well as on his own.


SUGARMAN, has released “After The Blackout”, a collection of well crafted songs that reflects Noah Sugarman’s heart & soul from his past & rumination of the future. Noah is the founding member and songwriter of the band who release his debut album “Art Of Starting A Fire” on the Unison Music label in 2009. After The Blackout is now available and a heavy touring schedule began March 8th that will take Noah & band throughout markets in the Midwest, South, parts of the Eastern territories of the U.S. A European tour is also in the works to coincide with the Euro release.  A talented, multi-instrumentalist, Noah has toured the country coast-to-coast many times, with an array of bands. He’s played bass and sang backup for a country act; played drums for a folk group and does an occasional stint in his home town of Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky playing piano and singing simplified version of his songs. In 2007 Sugarman signed with Unison Music, of Los Angeles, and moved to California to focus on his original tunes, prior to hitting the road again for a whirlwind of tour experience.








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