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Paradise & Hellfire: An In-Depth Journey Through the Hereafter

Islamic Society of Delaware invites you to attend Paradise and Hellfire Educational Seminar.

Imam Suleiman Salem
Imam Suleiman Facebook Page

Course Date:
Saturday October 10th 11:00AM-6:00PM
Free Preview: Friday October 9th 6:30-8:30PM

Course Location:
Islamic Society of Delaware
28 Salem Church Rd. Newark DE

Course Price:
Adults: $20 - Coursebook and Babysitting is included

Br. Vaqar Sharief (

Course description:
An in-depth description of the two eternal homes, Paradise and Hellfire. This course was taught in many cities, as well as on a more comprehensive level through Peace TV and other platforms with over 30 hours of content. It has been condensed for a concise and yet action-packed soul-transforming course.

This seminar will not only cover the vivid descriptions from the Qur’an and authentic hadeeth, but will also focus on applicable actions and life-changing habits to help us in our daily lives long after the seminar is over.
Oftentimes, a lecture or a conference will boost our Imaan and motivate us on our path to Jannah; this seminar will provide much-needed spiritual energy and realistic take-home techniques to re-establish and magnify our connection with Allah (swt).

Students who attend this course can expect to cover the following topics, amongst other subjects:
  • The detailed descriptions of Paradise and Hellfire
  • The spiritually-uplifting rewards and delights of Paradise
  • The explicit and consequential punishments of the Hellfire
  • The inhabitants of both Paradise and Hellfire
  • The actions that lead mankind to both abodes
  • The Qur’anic verses and authentic hadeeth
  • The concept of eternal life
  • ‘Aqeedah (creed) issues
  • Entering Paradise without accountability
  • How to get through our struggles in order to enter Paradise
  • Multiplying our share of the currency in the Hereafter
  • The superiority of the believing women over the Hoor al-‘eyn
  • The views of deviant sects on matters of Paradise & Hellfire
  • Action-items that will build our faith on a daily basis
  • Issues relating to belief in the Hereafter
  • Journey to Taqwa
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Islamic Society of Delaware
28 Salem Church Rd.,
Newark, DE 19713