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What if someone stole your iPod, hit shuffle, and blasted it? Have you been hiding your true favorite tunes because they just ooze with cheese and scream Pop-Up Video? Well, Chicago, IL cover band HitStorm uncovers those gems, dusts 'em off, and paints on a shiny new coat. Maybe even some glitter. 



Hyper Beam is a four-piece rock-baby conceived by UW-Madison students, Joshua Sanchez, Aarushi Agni, Matt Eggert and Allie Ziegler pooling together influences from the last five decades of rock'n'roll and indie music. 




A Big Sad Whale is a jazz revival group from Saint Louis, MO. Combining the sounds of the sixties and jazz, A Big Sad Whale has become the "Sixties Swing Sensation."




Americana is the perfect concoction of American roots music that comprises our musical ethos as we know it today. It is something so engrained in our history, folklore, tradition, and mythology that it is not as simple as just "becoming" Americana, but rather, it is something that you are born into. It's that old cast-iron Coca-Cola sign that's been in your neighbor's shed for 50 years, a banjo and a Fender telecaster playing together, a 1955 Chevy with a modern stereo.


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